About F4H

POVERTY RELIEF (Food 4 Humanity)

Food 4 Humanity is intended to benefit young people both in Canada and abroad. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for Canadian youths to travel to different countries and learn what actual poverty is all about, while at the same time, participate in helping to alleviate poverty by assisting in the distribution of food, school supplies and other items in which impoverished children will benefit.

How do young people in Canada benefit from Project Food 4 Humanity?

Young people in Canada who are involved in Project Food 4 Humanity will benefit from this program because it gives them an opportunity to travel to poverty-stricken countries and experience firsthand the negative effects of living in such conditions. Such an experience will increase their awareness that poverty, in fact, does exist, and it will bring about an appreciation for the many opportunities that are at their disposal here in Canada, such as our educational system, health care system, welfare system, etc. Our Canadian youth will also have the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions that are practiced in the countries they visit.

How will young people in poverty-stricken countries benefit from our Poverty Relief Project?

Young people in these specific countries benefit from this program both short term and long term. Children find temporary relief from hunger from the food we give them during our mission. They also benefit long-term from the school supplies that we distribute to them, with the hopes that they may gain an educational edge to help them become employable in their own communities.

Each year our team decides on a country to visit and carry out our poverty relief project. So far we have been successful in carrying out our mission in Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala.