Who Are We

United Youth of Canada is a unique organization serving both the needs of our local youths, along with less fortunate children in impoverished parts of the world through our project Food 4 Humanity. Our objective is to provide programs to help kids succeed. United Youth of Canada is a stepping stone for young people to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations even in the midst of adverse conditions such as poverty and negative influences.  Our mission is to reach, teach and empower youths in becoming brighter stronger leaders.  Together we make the difference.


Our Programs

After School Program

Our After School Program gives kids from ages 6 to 12 the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new things.  We offer a variety of activities including tutoring in math, English, French and Spanish.  Statistics show that 82% of high school students drop out of school either because they are failing or they are not interested due to a lack of understanding.  Our tutoring services help kids at a young age understand the important subjects that they will need later on in life to succeed in school.  Our tutoring program has proven to be effective in helping kids keep their grades up, and in turn motivating them to not only stay in school, but to do well in their subjects.  Our After School Program also provides kids with physical activity through sports and other fun activities.  Another thing the kids in our program love are the outings, especially skating, bowling and mini putting.  Last but not least, we have pizza Mondays on every first Monday of the month, and then after our tutoring sessions the kids burn off all the pizza calories with a game of floor hockey, basketball, dodgeball or soccer.

Drug Awareness

Through our Drug Awareness Programs we offer a wide range of perspectives about how drugs affect our communities, our families and ultimately our body and mind.  Our program begins with an informative PowerPoint presentation, teaching young people what drugs are and the different affects that each drug has on us, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.  The presentation is then followed by testimonies and true life stories of individuals who were involved in drug addiction and/or drug dealing, and the negative consequences it has had on their lives.  We also have law enforcement officers who speak of the criminal justice system and what it means once you have been caught up in the system; this is very important in that many young people do not know the consequences that follow a criminal record.  Also, depending on the venue, we may have entertainers attend to perform songs, step dances or a short skit for the kids.  Our program is concluded with a motivational speaker who encourages the youths to be positive and reach for their goals.

Summer Day Camp

United Youth of Canadas’ summer day camp is fun filled and packed with a variety of activities to keep our campers busy and wanting more.  It allows the children to show off their creativity and talents through various types of art by creating plays, making musical instruments, choreographing dance routines, and producing various crafts.  They are also kept busy physically through a variety of sports and play.  Each Friday we have field trips which the campers love and look forward to each week.  Our last Friday of camp is concluded with a trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

Project Food 4 Humanity

Through our project Food 4 Humanity we provide food, toys, clothes and school supplies to impoverished children in underdeveloped countries.  The great thing about Food 4 Humanity is, not only are we providing necessities to children who need them the most, but we are able to take our own Canadian youths to these poor countries to gain an experience that lasts them a life time.  Our youths volunteer their time and raise the funds to go to places such as Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean to help distribute bags of supplies in the community.  When they return home they have much more of an appreciation for the opportunities that we so often take for granted here in our great country.