Stacey Lawrence, Camp Counsellor

At the beginning of this camp, I thought it was just going to be all about work: watching the kids, organizing activities, being strict, scolding here and there and having just a working relationship with my co-workers. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the work that came with the job. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and working with them, but I knew that there would be challenges and obstacles I would have to face working at the United Youth of Canada’s summer day camp. To my surprise, working at this camp and for this organization was a huge opportunity for me. When working with kids, I believe that the most important traits you have to possess are self-control, social skills, patience and enthusiasm. Working with kids, all of these skills are put to the test. I have learned that instead of getting frustrated, it is best to learn from the mistakes made so it can enhance your skills. I have developed a friendship with my co-workers as well as establish a close bond with the kids. This camp had benefitted me in making me a better person, as well as advance the skills I require for any job. I believe that every obstacle or challenge is a stepping stone to success. Working with the United Youth of Canada’s summer day camp was just one of these steps that had brought me closer to my lifetime goal, success.

Eldridge, Student

Tutoring is a fun experience. You learn a lot of new things and improve your grades. Also if you are struggling, United Youth of Canada is a good place to come and get help. Since I took tutoring, I used the skills I learned and applied them at school. As a result, my grades have been improving. I recommend United Youth of Canada’s tutoring program to anyone who is struggling or needs the extra help in school because it will put you one step ahead.

Diana Phan, Fashion Designer

United Youth of Canada taught me that practice makes perfect, that persistence and repetition often results in a skill well mastered. Learning how to be a self motivator really added onto my assertiveness when it came to leaping for opportunities, or even creating new ones for myself. The self-confidence instilled in me by United Youth of Canada will be a trait that will contribute to my life in every aspect, and is something that I will continue to apply every day.

Ryan Sinclair, Toronto Police

United Youth of Canada has helped me in becoming a strong and successful person. It also helped me to respect myself and the people around me. I have come to learn that nothing in life comes easy, and hard work pays off. I have also learned throughout my experience working with United Youth of Canada that you need to believe in yourself because no one is going to do it for you. United Youth of Canada has helped build my character and taught me things that I can carry with me as I grow older and wiser. Thank you UYC!

Dhruvil Patel, Teacher

My work experience with United Youth of Canada was one of personal growth and development. I was 17 years old when I joined United Youth of Canada, and years later, I am still using the communication skills that were ingrained in me through consistent use during my time with United Youth of Canada. My experience taught me how to get out of my “comfort zone” which is not a bad thing at all. I started speaking to people with confidence and shared the vision of the organization which made me a better person and also changed how I speak to people outside of work. Working with United Youth of Canada was challenging, yet extremely rewarding, which in only a short period of time provided me with a better understanding of how to communicate with people when I have something important to share with them. Currently I am in my last year at York University studying Physics and Astronomy and I also teach and run my own business. United Youth of Canada has been influential in my life by helping me achieve my goals and giving me the skills to pursue other goals in my life with confidence.

Cherie Bowerman, Student

Working with United Youth of Canada has been a great opportunity. Not only did I get the chance to earn money towards school but I was able to contribute to a great cause at the same time. As a student fundraiser, I gained confidence in speaking with new people and an ability to share the important message of what United Youth of Canada does for the community, and worldwide. As I forge ahead with my education, I will continue to use my new skills and share the message of United Youth of Canada.

Charlene, Camper

Summer camp helped me to participate and have fun. I made a lot of new friends and did arts and crafts and played games. We went on trips to Ontario Place, Go Karting and I had a chance to explore new things. We also played water games and musical chairs. We did a lot of team work activities, played new games and sports. We made a robot out of recycled materials and named him Rodney. We went swimming every Wednesday. We made monkey masks and made a new song. I had so much fun at the United Youth of Canada’s summer day camp!